Quora Login Popup Blocker : Say Goodbye to those annoying popups

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Quora Login Popup Blocker

“Now remove those annoying login popups from Quora!”

Quora is an amazing place to share knowledge. The ability of A2A just make it stand out among its competition. Be it a tech question or your favorite celebrity A2A, you must have come across atleast once to quora.

If you have ever visited quora, most likely you have seen something like this -


Quora Login Popup

Yes! These annoying popups.

You were searching something on google, you found a quora link. You opened it. You found similar question in feed and voila! You were greeted by a Login popup which won’t let you see any answer until you sign in.

There could be many reasons like you are on a public computer, you are browsing on your friends macbook or you don’t want to sign up just to look a damn single answer! Either way, these are several reasons you don’t want these popups to show up.

I was also annoyed by this for similar reasons. So, i developed a browser extension to fix this.

Ladies & Gentlemen! I present you Quora Login Popup Blocker!


Quora Login Popup blocker

This extension/addon remove those annoying login popups on quora.

Currently this extension is available for Chrome & Firefox and is awaiting moderation for Opera.



If you are interested, here is a demo video —

Home page for extension/addon — [https://kronosdevstudio.com/quora-login-popup-blocker.html](https://kronosdevstudio.com/quora-login-popup-blocker.html?)